12923360_10154129126214189_9169038003894179619_nJussi Syren is the frontman of one of the hardest working bluegrass bands outside of the US. Since 1995 they have released several albums, and have toured both in Europe and many US states.

Jussi’s songwriting respects the traditions but also adds into it a unique touch expressing his roots in melodies and rhythms. He has also covered and translated classic Finnish songs as well as modern hits, transforming them seamlessly into bluegrass-versions, the latest one “My Dreams Of Yesterday” was also released as a single from the album “Bluegrass Singer” 2015. It is a version of Kari Kuuva’s song “Pienen Pojan Haaveet” (1971) originally performed by Jarno Sarjanen, one of Finlands pioneers of country music.

Jussi also holds bluegrass traditions alive by singing with his children; on the gospel album “There’s No Greater Message” you can hear Veera, Aarne and Hertta singing harmonies on the track “Mama Always Had A Song To Sing“. Veera has also featured in above mentioned “My Dreams Of Yesterday” and “The Ghost Of Laura Wilkins” – yet another classic Finnish song versioned into bluegrass. His son Aarne has featured in the duet “Garden In The Sky” and takes the lead on the song “He Reaches For Me”, on the latest album. As often as possible they join onto the stage to perform alongside their father and The Groundbreakers.

Authentic, acoustic and no overdubs is part of the vision for Jussi’s music – real musicians and bluegrass with overdrive! For over 20 years Jussi has been part of moulding the bluegrass scene in Finland, and the band’s albums have also received highlight reviews in music media – such as Bluegrass Unlimited and Country Music People.

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The band consists of:
Jussi Syren: vocals, mandolin
J.P. Putkonen: guitar, harmony vocals
Tauri Oksala: banjo, harmony vocals
Kari Hella: bass, harmony vocals

And Nelli Ikola joins in with fiddle and harmony vocals from time to time.

The Groundbreakers’ sound is not far from 60’s bluegrass groups who worked in Baltimore and Detroit bars.

Inspirations are Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin, Flatt & Scruggs, Stanley Brothers, to mention a few.

If you want to book the band you can contact them HERE with the contact-form.

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