A capella

In Honor Of Dr.Ralph Stanley – O Death – a capella

For decades Ralph Stanley has been one of my heroes in bluegrass music.

He recorded “Oh Death” with The Clinch Mountain Boys back in the early seventies and later on did the song a capella style in the movie “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou”. With his lifelong achievement he has inspired many generations of musicians, keeping the roots and old style bluegrass alive.

We wanted to honor his memory with a version of “O Death”, in a capella and in a version that combines the Clinch Mountain Boys and the latter.

Stanley has influenced a whole world with his unique voice and songwriting, and through his interpretation of traditional songs the memories and history is kept alive.

We wish to keep Stanley’s legend and contribution to bluegrass thriving so we will later on this year record some of our favourite songs of Dr. Ralph Stanley with Jussi Syren And The Groundbreakers and other guests.

Because even though Stanley wrote and sang with the soul of the Appalachian winds, the feeling he admitted in his music is universal and has spread along globally to echo in peoples hearts worldwide.

Even here – in the north and cold dark Finland.

Thank you Dr.Ralph Stanley – bluegrass would not be the same without your banjo, voice, and songs!

– Jussi Syren

VIDEO-playlist from the album release 2015

We put together a playlist from the release-event of the “Bluegrass Singer“-album on YouTube. There were many guests, such as Roy Hohenthal, Nelli Ikola, Jyrki Levä, Marko Vanhatalo, Veera Syren. And songs as “The Banjo Song”, “Sure To Fall” and “My Dreams Of Yesterday”! All the speaks are in Finnish, but the bluegrass goes in English!

It was also the 20th anniversary for Jussi Syren And The Groundbreakers!
The event took place at Rekolan Kino in Vantaa 2015 in November

Laitoimme kokoon soittolistan YouTubessa “Bluegrass Singer” albumin julkaisukeikasta.
Lavalla vieraili monet lahjakkaat muusikot, kuten Roy Hohenthal, Nelli Ikola, Jyrki Levä, Marko Vanhatalo, Veera Syren. Soitimme pitkän setin mihin muun muassa mahtui mukaan “The Banjo Song”, “Sure To Fall” ja “My Dreams Of Yesterday” joka on versio Kari Kuuvan “Pienen Pojan Haaveet”-biisistä!

Samalla juhlittiin Jussi Syren And The Groundbreakers 20-vuotispäivää.
Keikkapaikka oli Rekolan Kino Vantaalla, marraskuussa 2015.